The Café: Mayday – Interview with the Vampire (Poster)



I realized I hadn’t yet posted up all the graphics I did for The Café, I do apologize! Here is the last of them… Photos are not mine.


Baking Beautiful But Bad for you Butterfly cakes with Buttercream


As I’m moving out of my university accommodation next week I’ve been busy trying to use up all of my ingredients and eating all my food to avoid the horror that is throwing food away. As such the amounts of butter and sugar in these cupcakes is no joke. I have a feeling I may well end up putting back on all the weight I lost whilst living on my own at uni all in one week.

No one recipe really, normal cupcake mix with vanilla extract (a gift) and chocolate chips (also a gift) and then chocolate buttercream on top. Beautiful but deadly. A lot of fun though and this time I’m 99% sure it won’t kill you. And if it does it’s because of the ensuing diabetes / heart attack and not uncookedness.

The Café: The Tracklist


The Café (A Playlist)


1. Get Up – JJ Lin 
2. Shattered Neighbourhood – Leessang feat. Lucid Fall
3. The Alley – Busker Busker
4. Love in the Milky Way Café – 10cm
5. Anyway – Akdong Musician
6. Oh My God – B1A4
7. Still You – Donghae & Eunhyuk
8. Coffee – BTS (Cover of “Cafe Latte” by 어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa))
9. Only U – VIXX
10. You Don’t Know Love – K.Will
11. Fall in Fall – K.Will
12. If I Were You – 2NE1
13. Easy – B.A.P
14. My Body Erased You (Skit) – Leessang
15. My Body Erased You – Leessang
16. Back in the Day – Urban Zakapa
17. Good Morning, See You Tomorrow – After School Tea Time
18. Slow Dance – Eddy Kim
19. Coffee Shop – B.A.P
20. Interlude – BTS
21. My Queen – Show Luo
22. Please Don’t – K.Will
23. Serenade – Leessang feat. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)
24. When Where What How – Block B (Park Kyung Solo)
25. Just the Two of Us – Urban Zakapa
26. Café – BIGBANG
27. Don’t Hate Me – Akdong Musician
28. Interview with the Vampire – 五月天 Mayday

Listen here.