“Story of my frickin’ LYFE!!!” Week 1

I’m starting a webcomic! 😀

This is something I’ve always wanted to do but never got round to (a very long list indeed), and so now that I’m at uni and have some sort of freedom (both physical and financial) I’m finally going to start doing it!

“Webcomic” might not be the right word, it’s just going to be anecdotal comics in a vaguely 4-koma format, not a story or anything. Mainly it’ll be the ridiculous situations I find myself in on a daily basis or the increasingly strange thoughts I find myself thinking but can share with no-one else but you, Tumblr/Wordpress/deviantArt/Twitter/Facebook 🙂

Expect the relatable, the unrelatable and the utterly strange. I reckon I’m pretty funny, and have been told so on over one occasions, but I’m pretty quiet so find things like this much easier to express myself with.

So, I recently bought a graphics tablet (Wacom Bamboo Medium) for £149.99, a bit of an impulse purchase you might say (though my expenditures have been getting increasingly frivolous of late…), but I view it as an investment in my future where hopefully I will be doing graphic design and illustration and anything but the bank my Economics degree is currently leading me to.

I’m not a complete Photoshop noob, but my tablet-using experience is limited at best so please forgive shaky lines and messy art, I’m on the learning curve and it is a steep one 🙂 Will start going through Photoshop tutorials and trying edits of photos (mainly K-Pop-related ones at the moment) as well as digital art aside from this comic, but I will try to do at least one comic a week, if only to blow out the stress of the week.

By the way, my deviantArt account is here: http://jai-d.deviantart.com (Yes, I’m Jai-D on there, don’t ask, it was the decision of a confused twelve year old) and I will probably share my art here as well. I will also post at my Tumblr page here: http://phoenixnumber1.tumblr.com/

Thanks for reading this long post! I will do my best to improve quickly and make better comics and art! ❤


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