A Sketch A Day Project: Day 9


“I wish exercise was this easy to make a habit.”


Had to venture out into the cold for this one, for want of something interesting to draw. Temperamental British spring weather as usual, a mix of heavy rain and gentle sunshine and freezing winds. Highlights included being told by my phone’s weather app that it was currently “cloudy” whilst being drenched by rain and trying to draw a daffodil with numb hands. The things I do for art.

Still life seems to be getting a little repetitive, but bear with me as it’s the Easter holidays and there are few unwitting strangers around I can draw, short of drawing my flatmates, as if they don’t think I’m weird enough. Plus I have to make the most of spring while it lasts.

In other news, I bought an acoustic guitar! A lovely sunburst cheapest-in-the-shop-not-that-I-could-tell-given-my-acoustic-guitar-playing-ability. Maybe I’ll draw that for you tomorrow.


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