Song of the Day #1: Urban Zakapa – Cafe Latte

*I’m starting a new thing in order to become more awesome at music*

Recommend me one song per day. One of your favourite songs ever, one you’re liking nowadays or one you think I’d like. Any genre, language, artist, all okay as long as you think it’s good. In return I’ll post a recommendation per day too (Please leave your recommendation as a comment on that). I’ll only listen to one per day though.

I actually started this on Facebook with friends quite a while ago, hence the date, but have decided to post them on my blog too, since I’m bothering to spend half an hour a day writing. The playlist of your recommendations is here and my recommendations here (spoilers though). Here’s the one I first wrote on 2nd May 2014 when I hadn’t had any recommendations yet and my post was very short. I soon develop a style and format and longer post length, as you’ll see. Ah, is this the charm of daily blogging? ^^ I’m surprised I’ve managed to keep it up for almost 20 days, it’s already outstripped my A Sketch A Day project. Sorry about that by the way, don’t really have any excuses apart from revision… If you couldn’t tell already I have a habit of starting things and then losing steam… I need to work on that…

Song of the Day #1 (02/05/14): Urban Zakapa (어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa)) – Cafe Latte

Acoustic soul pop perfect for mid-mornings and Sundays. Discovered their music yesterday. Overdosed on their newly-burnt-to-disc first album all today.

Please leave a recommendation or comment  in response~




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