Song of the Day #2: Eddy Kim – The Manual

Song of the Day #2 (03/05/14): Eddy Kim – ‘The Manual’

Captivatingly simple guitar and vocal arrangement, with an addictively intricate guitar part and a sweet, humble and hypnotic voice. It made me want to learn it immediately and I spent the next two hours deciphering the first thirty seconds. You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I promise ~

Frankie’s Recommendation: Zebrahead – Ready Steady Go

Thank you to Frankie for the recommendation, it was exactly your sort of song I thought ^^ I liked the ska element and verse bassline, the melody was somewhat forgettable though. You might be interested to hear the original version by L’Arc-en-Ciel, which is slightly more pure in punk. That reminds me, I should listen to their stuff.

Please leave a recommendation (anybody, any song, I’ll actually listen to it, a few times, unlike the songs that you just share randomly, heck I might even admit that you have a decent music taste) ~


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