Song of the Day #3: Busted – Year 3000

Song of the Day #3 (04/05/14): Busted – Year 3000 

Because if this wasn’t part of your childhood, then… I’m sorry. Because I’ve known all the lyrics since I was 9. Because I’m still waiting for that seventh album to outsell Michael Jackson and for this song to go multi-platinum. Because 2002 was 12 years ago. Because our whole primary school had to sing it whilst releasing balloons when a little girl whose favourite song was this died (the second verse was a little awkward though). Click it, because you know you want to.

Frankie’s Recommendation: My Chemical Romance – Make Room!!!!

Awesome intro, as expected, nice riff and timing which catches you off. Maybe it’s cos I haven’t listened to MCR in a long time but I almost couldn’t recognize his voice. A lot of screaming though, my favourite part is the quiet part from around halfway on to the “everybody wants to change the world but no-one wants to die” climax, verse and chorus were average for me. Is this an old track? Ah, I need more MCR in my life.

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