Song of the Day #4: Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love

Song of the Day #4 (05/05/14): Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love 

One of my most favourite songs ever. Because I’m still in the mood for a 2003 throwback. Because I can rap to this like a pro and have been since 2003. Because this song made me a Peas fan and I’m proud to say that the only cool thing about 11 year-old me was that Black Eyed Peas were my favourite band. Because Monkey Business was my first album that I bought (chose) when I was about 11, but today was the first time I listened to it all the way through without skipping (turns out there’s a hidden sound bite after each track). Because I’ve been meaning to buy Elephunk since 2005 and I’m ashamed I still haven’t (I’ll go do that now). Because their name is “Black Eyed Peas”.

Julia’s Recommendation: The 1975 – Robbers

I listened to it 3 times in a row but didn’t watch the video at the same time because it was “explicit” and just on the off chance it would include gore. I really like the intro / riff, I think it’s my favourite part of the song; sorry, but his vocals didn’t grab me and even after listening to it 3 times I only remember the chorus melody if I have the lyrics in front of me. Perhaps a little too much reverb.

It sounds a little computer music-y, on one hand I could believe it was a band but on the other I could also believe it was an angsty late-blooming teenager sitting in his bedroom on a laptop. I liked the guitar and synth combo though. It sure sounds like 2014 (I guess my inner 90’s kid is rebelling a little).

Good as background music, maybe because the beat doesn’t change apart from at the “Well now you’ve got your gun” part, which I also like, but it’s hard to grasp the structure of the song immediately, which isn’t necessarily bad.

The lyrics… I had to look them up because I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but they’re so (tried-to-be)deep and a little awkward that I have to assume that they’re based on a true story, because why else would you end it with “You look so cool, cool, cool”? I wish he’d pronounced it as “cool” and not “cold”, I mean, you wrote the lyrics so you might as well sing them so everyone can understand what you’re saying (speaking as someone who writes terrible lyrics but annunciates them clearly anyway).

From the perspective of someone who is just there for the song and not the video or story, the lyrics are kind of… excluding-ly melodramatic and skip-every-other-sentence-so-you-only-get-an-idea-of-the-story-and-it’s-more-artsy, but I’d accept it if he had a genuine sad story behind it. I’ll listen to it a few more times, thank you! It sounds cold and wintry, so maybe it’s rubbing the wrong way on my almost-summer-so-acoustic-warm-natural-music fur a little ^^’ Feel free to recommend more of their songs or other songs like it though, even though it didn’t grab me completely. I like that they have simple one/two word noun song titles~

Please leave a recommendation in response!


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