Song of the Day #5: EXO – Growl

Song of the Day #5 (06/05/14): EXO – Growl 

Oops, I forgot to update yesterday. Sorry!

Because Overdose. Because you’re not ready for Overdose… not yet. Because no-one is ready (for the fashion OR the song). Because this is a quality video with a quality song and quality choreography and quality singing and quality dancing and quality styling and quality concept and quality camera-work and quality faces and reasonably okay rap. Because there’s not “like fifty” of them, there’s twelve. Because I can’t explain. Because once you spiral in, you don’t spiral out. Because SOME of you will appreciate this (you know). Because if you like EXO, then that’s our conversation topics sorted for the next 4 years (give or take a comeback or two) and sure, I’ll lend you a pen, don’t worry about it. Because I could go on for a long time, but I’ll stop because you’ve probably already stopped reading. Best watched on YouTube, because crowd mentality works.

Alice’s Recommendation: Ruarri Joseph – Nervous Grin

I couldn’t find a studio version so I just listened to a bunch of live versions. I was expecting something kind of pop punk like Basket Case because it’s called Nervous Grin, and it’s Alice, but this was a pleasant surprise, I was like “Huh… Well, Alice has mellowed in her old age. This sure ain’t no Green Day.” (Don’t worry, we’re all getting old together #19thisyearbut16forever)

Short and sweet, I like it! Any song that’s less than about 3:20 is good for me, even better if it’s less than 3 (but more than 2), some of my favourite songs are 2-and-a-half-ers, not to mention half the Beatles discography. His voice is nice and deep but soothing and a little posh, what genre do you call this? Reminds me a teensy bit of the Mumford and Sons mood (from the one song I’ve heard of theirs)?

Nice acoustic riff, forgettable but relaxing. I skimmed through also his album Brother and heard Roses and Ashes and was like “…? Is this the same song?” but that’s OK, I picked up the kind of mood he does. I also like the lyrics, that “I fell in love with your nervous grin” was cute  Actually I’m listening to Brother properly now and it is really good, like, really really good. I guess obscure YouTube indie musicians are your thing nowadays? Right up my street, friend. *recommends Brother to everyone else*



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