Song of the Day #6: Caesars – Jerk It Out

Song of the Day #6 (07/05/14): Caesars – Jerk It Out

Because this is a tune. Because that riff is so good I still can’t tell if it’s guitar or keyboard. Because even if you think you don’t know it, you know it. Because this is a tune.

Cam’s Recommendation: White Lies – Death

I like. Straight-up mid-tempo rock with some pop-rock synths and palm muting and lots of power chords and a thumping kick drum and rolling basslines you can actually hear. That is the recipe for a good band song as handed down from generation to generation, much like your grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe (cryptic reference, anyone?). I follow it like it’s a religious text. *plugs own songs*

Not the most ground-breaking rock song ever, but that’s what I like about it. Nice arrangement and build-up and I love that bridge / pre-chorus, epicness present throughout. Perhaps a little long and slow to climax, as I was checking how far the video I was in at 3:00 but no bad parts at all. Considering it’s called “Death”, it’s pretty light and pop-y, though I guess I should’ve learnt by now that names are misleading. No particular favourite part as it’s pretty solid throughout, but I do like that ending, I can’t tell what he’s saying but it’s the most memorable vocal melody. More like this would be great, thanks for the recommendation!

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