The Café (A Playlist): Listenable Version!/playlist/The+Caf/98764233

Here is a listenable Grooveshark version of my near perfect playlist, The Café. 28 songs perfect for listening to with a cup of coffee, on a quiet Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon, basking in sunlight, with a beautiful window view in front of you. If you have none of these, then don’t worry, this tracklist will transport you there.

Jazzy, smooth, chilled, relaxed, light-hearted and with a tentative sense of time, starting from morning to evening. Perhaps a slight story-telling element, thinking of someone spending the day at a café.

Best listened to WITHOUT shuffle, as I put a LOT of effort into the order of these songs and how they move into one another… Still not perfect, but that’s okay. All good songs in any case, though I doubt any of you would like all of them, at least not on first listen. If possible, listen in full rather than starting and stopping, it interrupts the flow. Maybe put it on in the background while you’re Internet surfing or doing chores or something? Or just sitting to with a cup of coffee~

Tracklist and graphics to come~


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