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The Café: Mayday – Interview with the Vampire (Poster)



I realized I hadn’t yet posted up all the graphics I did for The Café, I do apologize! Here is the last of them… Photos are not mine.


The Café: The Tracklist


The Café (A Playlist)


1. Get Up – JJ Lin 
2. Shattered Neighbourhood – Leessang feat. Lucid Fall
3. The Alley – Busker Busker
4. Love in the Milky Way Café – 10cm
5. Anyway – Akdong Musician
6. Oh My God – B1A4
7. Still You – Donghae & Eunhyuk
8. Coffee – BTS (Cover of “Cafe Latte” by 어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa))
9. Only U – VIXX
10. You Don’t Know Love – K.Will
11. Fall in Fall – K.Will
12. If I Were You – 2NE1
13. Easy – B.A.P
14. My Body Erased You (Skit) – Leessang
15. My Body Erased You – Leessang
16. Back in the Day – Urban Zakapa
17. Good Morning, See You Tomorrow – After School Tea Time
18. Slow Dance – Eddy Kim
19. Coffee Shop – B.A.P
20. Interlude – BTS
21. My Queen – Show Luo
22. Please Don’t – K.Will
23. Serenade – Leessang feat. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)
24. When Where What How – Block B (Park Kyung Solo)
25. Just the Two of Us – Urban Zakapa
26. Café – BIGBANG
27. Don’t Hate Me – Akdong Musician
28. Interview with the Vampire – 五月天 Mayday

Listen here.

Designing a Bookazine Cover

Designing a Bookazine Cover

Here, have this instead of today’s sketch. I spent around 7 hours on it after all.

I’m on work experience at Blaze Publishing at the moment, a magazine publisher’s located near my university. If I don’t upload sketches this week it’s because I’m doing this design stuff, OK? *sweats*

This is a design for a cover of a bookazine (book and magazine) about British guitar-making, what do you think? I did everything from scratch except for using the guitar photo and various textures. Not bad for my first magazine cover, right? *goes in The Portfolio*

Thoughts and criticisms welcome, especially if you’re familiar with the original Acoustic magazine. 🙂