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Similar to the Cooking Journey, but specific to baking, or more specifically, sweet stuff. To quench the thirst of my sweet tooth I bake cakes, cupcakes, pancakes, eat ice cream, eat chocolate, bake pies (not all sweet), and keep the photos for later reminiscence.

Baking Beautiful But Bad for you Butterfly cakes with Buttercream


As I’m moving out of my university accommodation next week I’ve been busy trying to use up all of my ingredients and eating all my food to avoid the horror that is throwing food away. As such the amounts of butter and sugar in these cupcakes is no joke. I have a feeling I may well end up putting back on all the weight I lost whilst living on my own at uni all in one week.

No one recipe really, normal cupcake mix with vanilla extract (a gift) and chocolate chips (also a gift) and then chocolate buttercream on top. Beautiful but deadly. A lot of fun though and this time I’m 99% sure it won’t kill you. And if it does it’s because of the ensuing diabetes / heart attack and not uncookedness.


Presenting the Perfect Pastry Pie for Purposes of Procrastination


Two posts in one day? Unthinkable.

Presenting the Chicken and Mushroom Pie complete with Coriander and Little Pastry Leaves on Top created after approximately two hours on a late Thursday night. As a break from my essay writing and journal trawling. A two hour break.

Turned out very well, I used shortcrust pastry which became a lovely golden brown and is delicious. I might try using my other pack of reduced frozen shortcrust pastry for apple pie next time. Ah, the possibilities.

Recipe can be found here.

Contributing Carrot Cupcakes with Coconut, Chocolate and Cranberries to Class


Tomorrow is my Korean class’ last lesson of the academic year, and since there are only about four of us on as good day I decided for once to be that person who bothers baking cupcakes to bring to the end of year party.


This marks the first foray into cupcakes for my Cooking and specifically Baking Journey, following my attempt at banana bread (see previous posts). I’ve also recently done my well-practised lasagne, a true student indulgence, and am looking into making home-made pizza and pie in future.

The recipe can be found here and there is plenty of space to customize, including adding raisins, mashed banana or orange zest, none of which I did. It also includes a cream cheese frosting which unfortunately I was not equipped for but sounds gorgeous, here I’ve just used normal icing and some random chocolate/cranberry/coconut snack decorations.