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The Café: K.Will – You Don’t Know Love (Poster)

don't knowK.Will – You Don’t Know Love

Photo not mine.



The Café: The Tracklist


The Café (A Playlist)


1. Get Up – JJ Lin 
2. Shattered Neighbourhood – Leessang feat. Lucid Fall
3. The Alley – Busker Busker
4. Love in the Milky Way Café – 10cm
5. Anyway – Akdong Musician
6. Oh My God – B1A4
7. Still You – Donghae & Eunhyuk
8. Coffee – BTS (Cover of “Cafe Latte” by 어반자카파 (Urban Zakapa))
9. Only U – VIXX
10. You Don’t Know Love – K.Will
11. Fall in Fall – K.Will
12. If I Were You – 2NE1
13. Easy – B.A.P
14. My Body Erased You (Skit) – Leessang
15. My Body Erased You – Leessang
16. Back in the Day – Urban Zakapa
17. Good Morning, See You Tomorrow – After School Tea Time
18. Slow Dance – Eddy Kim
19. Coffee Shop – B.A.P
20. Interlude – BTS
21. My Queen – Show Luo
22. Please Don’t – K.Will
23. Serenade – Leessang feat. Gaeko (Dynamic Duo)
24. When Where What How – Block B (Park Kyung Solo)
25. Just the Two of Us – Urban Zakapa
26. Café – BIGBANG
27. Don’t Hate Me – Akdong Musician
28. Interview with the Vampire – 五月天 Mayday

Listen here.

The Café (A Playlist): Listenable Version!/playlist/The+Caf/98764233

Here is a listenable Grooveshark version of my near perfect playlist, The Café. 28 songs perfect for listening to with a cup of coffee, on a quiet Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon, basking in sunlight, with a beautiful window view in front of you. If you have none of these, then don’t worry, this tracklist will transport you there.

Jazzy, smooth, chilled, relaxed, light-hearted and with a tentative sense of time, starting from morning to evening. Perhaps a slight story-telling element, thinking of someone spending the day at a café.

Best listened to WITHOUT shuffle, as I put a LOT of effort into the order of these songs and how they move into one another… Still not perfect, but that’s okay. All good songs in any case, though I doubt any of you would like all of them, at least not on first listen. If possible, listen in full rather than starting and stopping, it interrupts the flow. Maybe put it on in the background while you’re Internet surfing or doing chores or something? Or just sitting to with a cup of coffee~

Tracklist and graphics to come~

The Café: A Playlist Project

I recently crafted a lifetime-achievement-worthy playlist based loosely around a theme of “The Café”, i.e. songs perfect for listening to with a cup of coffee, on a quiet Sunday morning or Saturday afternoon, basking in sunlight, with a beautiful window view in front of you. Jazzy, smooth, chilled, relaxed, light-hearted and with a tentative sense of time, starting from morning to evening. Perhaps a slight story-telling element, thinking of someone spending the day at a café.

In any case, a brief project, but I’ve decided to do accompanying graphics / posters to conceptualize it and make something of a brand out of this beautiful tracklist. Forgive me for I didn’t source images too carefully and forgot to take notes of credits, so if you would like me to delete or credit them please say. As such, let’s begin with a “teaser” picture if you will… How about the cover for this tentative compilation album?


Song of the Day #6: Caesars – Jerk It Out

Song of the Day #6 (07/05/14): Caesars – Jerk It Out

Because this is a tune. Because that riff is so good I still can’t tell if it’s guitar or keyboard. Because even if you think you don’t know it, you know it. Because this is a tune.

Cam’s Recommendation: White Lies – Death

I like. Straight-up mid-tempo rock with some pop-rock synths and palm muting and lots of power chords and a thumping kick drum and rolling basslines you can actually hear. That is the recipe for a good band song as handed down from generation to generation, much like your grandma’s chocolate chip cookie recipe (cryptic reference, anyone?). I follow it like it’s a religious text. *plugs own songs*

Not the most ground-breaking rock song ever, but that’s what I like about it. Nice arrangement and build-up and I love that bridge / pre-chorus, epicness present throughout. Perhaps a little long and slow to climax, as I was checking how far the video I was in at 3:00 but no bad parts at all. Considering it’s called “Death”, it’s pretty light and pop-y, though I guess I should’ve learnt by now that names are misleading. No particular favourite part as it’s pretty solid throughout, but I do like that ending, I can’t tell what he’s saying but it’s the most memorable vocal melody. More like this would be great, thanks for the recommendation!

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Song of the Day #5: EXO – Growl

Song of the Day #5 (06/05/14): EXO – Growl 

Oops, I forgot to update yesterday. Sorry!

Because Overdose. Because you’re not ready for Overdose… not yet. Because no-one is ready (for the fashion OR the song). Because this is a quality video with a quality song and quality choreography and quality singing and quality dancing and quality styling and quality concept and quality camera-work and quality faces and reasonably okay rap. Because there’s not “like fifty” of them, there’s twelve. Because I can’t explain. Because once you spiral in, you don’t spiral out. Because SOME of you will appreciate this (you know). Because if you like EXO, then that’s our conversation topics sorted for the next 4 years (give or take a comeback or two) and sure, I’ll lend you a pen, don’t worry about it. Because I could go on for a long time, but I’ll stop because you’ve probably already stopped reading. Best watched on YouTube, because crowd mentality works.

Alice’s Recommendation: Ruarri Joseph – Nervous Grin

I couldn’t find a studio version so I just listened to a bunch of live versions. I was expecting something kind of pop punk like Basket Case because it’s called Nervous Grin, and it’s Alice, but this was a pleasant surprise, I was like “Huh… Well, Alice has mellowed in her old age. This sure ain’t no Green Day.” (Don’t worry, we’re all getting old together #19thisyearbut16forever)

Short and sweet, I like it! Any song that’s less than about 3:20 is good for me, even better if it’s less than 3 (but more than 2), some of my favourite songs are 2-and-a-half-ers, not to mention half the Beatles discography. His voice is nice and deep but soothing and a little posh, what genre do you call this? Reminds me a teensy bit of the Mumford and Sons mood (from the one song I’ve heard of theirs)?

Nice acoustic riff, forgettable but relaxing. I skimmed through also his album Brother and heard Roses and Ashes and was like “…? Is this the same song?” but that’s OK, I picked up the kind of mood he does. I also like the lyrics, that “I fell in love with your nervous grin” was cute  Actually I’m listening to Brother properly now and it is really good, like, really really good. I guess obscure YouTube indie musicians are your thing nowadays? Right up my street, friend. *recommends Brother to everyone else*


Song of the Day #4: Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love

Song of the Day #4 (05/05/14): Black Eyed Peas – Where Is The Love 

One of my most favourite songs ever. Because I’m still in the mood for a 2003 throwback. Because I can rap to this like a pro and have been since 2003. Because this song made me a Peas fan and I’m proud to say that the only cool thing about 11 year-old me was that Black Eyed Peas were my favourite band. Because Monkey Business was my first album that I bought (chose) when I was about 11, but today was the first time I listened to it all the way through without skipping (turns out there’s a hidden sound bite after each track). Because I’ve been meaning to buy Elephunk since 2005 and I’m ashamed I still haven’t (I’ll go do that now). Because their name is “Black Eyed Peas”.

Julia’s Recommendation: The 1975 – Robbers

I listened to it 3 times in a row but didn’t watch the video at the same time because it was “explicit” and just on the off chance it would include gore. I really like the intro / riff, I think it’s my favourite part of the song; sorry, but his vocals didn’t grab me and even after listening to it 3 times I only remember the chorus melody if I have the lyrics in front of me. Perhaps a little too much reverb.

It sounds a little computer music-y, on one hand I could believe it was a band but on the other I could also believe it was an angsty late-blooming teenager sitting in his bedroom on a laptop. I liked the guitar and synth combo though. It sure sounds like 2014 (I guess my inner 90’s kid is rebelling a little).

Good as background music, maybe because the beat doesn’t change apart from at the “Well now you’ve got your gun” part, which I also like, but it’s hard to grasp the structure of the song immediately, which isn’t necessarily bad.

The lyrics… I had to look them up because I couldn’t tell what he was saying, but they’re so (tried-to-be)deep and a little awkward that I have to assume that they’re based on a true story, because why else would you end it with “You look so cool, cool, cool”? I wish he’d pronounced it as “cool” and not “cold”, I mean, you wrote the lyrics so you might as well sing them so everyone can understand what you’re saying (speaking as someone who writes terrible lyrics but annunciates them clearly anyway).

From the perspective of someone who is just there for the song and not the video or story, the lyrics are kind of… excluding-ly melodramatic and skip-every-other-sentence-so-you-only-get-an-idea-of-the-story-and-it’s-more-artsy, but I’d accept it if he had a genuine sad story behind it. I’ll listen to it a few more times, thank you! It sounds cold and wintry, so maybe it’s rubbing the wrong way on my almost-summer-so-acoustic-warm-natural-music fur a little ^^’ Feel free to recommend more of their songs or other songs like it though, even though it didn’t grab me completely. I like that they have simple one/two word noun song titles~

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Song of the Day #3: Busted – Year 3000

Song of the Day #3 (04/05/14): Busted – Year 3000 

Because if this wasn’t part of your childhood, then… I’m sorry. Because I’ve known all the lyrics since I was 9. Because I’m still waiting for that seventh album to outsell Michael Jackson and for this song to go multi-platinum. Because 2002 was 12 years ago. Because our whole primary school had to sing it whilst releasing balloons when a little girl whose favourite song was this died (the second verse was a little awkward though). Click it, because you know you want to.

Frankie’s Recommendation: My Chemical Romance – Make Room!!!!

Awesome intro, as expected, nice riff and timing which catches you off. Maybe it’s cos I haven’t listened to MCR in a long time but I almost couldn’t recognize his voice. A lot of screaming though, my favourite part is the quiet part from around halfway on to the “everybody wants to change the world but no-one wants to die” climax, verse and chorus were average for me. Is this an old track? Ah, I need more MCR in my life.

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