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The Project whereby I attempt to force myself to do more art and do a sketch or quick piece of art everyday. The goal is to reach Day 365, whether or not it takes 365 days or more.

A Sketch A Day: Day 17


“A Sketch every six days? Well that’s not a Sketch a day.”

Waiting in snow.

First time trying this sort of Sketch, pencil and entirely imagined. As such there are many mistakes in proportion and body etc but I think I did a decent face, must be all that practice drawing only faces photorealistically. I tried to express a story of some sort? I was in a sombre mood hence the snow and expression.



A Sketch A Day: Day 16


“…How long have I been standing here?”

Field Part 2.

I went back to try and capture the yellowness. Not especially successful as my range of colours was limited but Instagram managed to save it. Between maybe 10 minutes and an hour, I lost track. Here’s a less (but still quite) shamelessly edited photo:


A Sketch A Day: Day 15

A Sketch A Day: Day 15

“…My hands are numb…”


When out on a walk in the neighbouring countryside, exploring the British fields and country roads and secret footpaths and whatnot, finding a rather nice view along the edge of a field of yellow flowers. I couldn’t tell you the name of the plant, nor could I express the yellowness, but I think I did a good likeness. Sorry for the bad photo. I haven’t done traditional style pencil landscape sketch for a long time and am out of practice.

By the way, if you find it more convenient, you may want to follow my Instagram account here, as I always Instagram my sketches first but sometimes forget to upload them on the blog afterwards. You will also hear less rambling from me and be able to see my blog’s photos more succinctly.

A Sketch A Day: Day 13


“…Okay, this might take longer than a year.”


Lost inspiration and time lately what with revision but this was fun to do. Maybe I’m more suited to improvisation. Continuous line with fineliner. Sorry it’s been so long, I’ll try and get back into making it a habit. I was mainly inspired today by this project here, where the artist Gabriel Picolo is doing a similar doodle a day project with far more amazing and disciplined results. Check it out, there’s a lot of cool drawings there!

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 9


“I wish exercise was this easy to make a habit.”


Had to venture out into the cold for this one, for want of something interesting to draw. Temperamental British spring weather as usual, a mix of heavy rain and gentle sunshine and freezing winds. Highlights included being told by my phone’s weather app that it was currently “cloudy” whilst being drenched by rain and trying to draw a daffodil with numb hands. The things I do for art.

Still life seems to be getting a little repetitive, but bear with me as it’s the Easter holidays and there are few unwitting strangers around I can draw, short of drawing my flatmates, as if they don’t think I’m weird enough. Plus I have to make the most of spring while it lasts.

In other news, I bought an acoustic guitar! A lovely sunburst cheapest-in-the-shop-not-that-I-could-tell-given-my-acoustic-guitar-playing-ability. Maybe I’ll draw that for you tomorrow.

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 7 & Project Rose


“What’s that? I missed two days? Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


I was writing two essays in two days, OK? Plus I was holed up in my room so had little inspiration *makes excuses*

This also marks the official start of Project Rose, though I’ve technically already done about half of it.

Basically, Project Rose is inspired by a beautiful song and music video called “Rose” by a fabulously talented and terribly young singer Lee Hi, as seen here. Full of rich visuals and subtle colours and sensitive composition and inspired fashion and a great concept and stirring lyrics and a sultry voice.

As such, Project Rose will consist of a rearrangement of the song, recording of the cover, fan art of Lee Hi, rose-inspired graphics and edits as well as a YouTube video collecting it all, to mark the start of my YouTube Journey.

The above Sketch is the beginning of the fan art. Having already completed the rearrangement and much of the recording, please anticipate each chapter of the Project as it arrives.