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In celebration and anticipation of B.A.P’s Live on Earth concert at London O2 Brixton Academy on 27th April, 2014, I embark on a month-long B.A.Project throughout all of B.A.Pril, involving anything B.A.P-related, from drawings, to covers, to graphics.

B.A.Project – 01/05/14

B.A.Project - 01/05/14


Yeah I know it’s May. Saving the best for last and all. Will hopefully wrap up this Project cleanly soon, exams coming but I’ll get this done and dusted ^^


B.A.Project – B.A.P goodness all through B.A.Pril for Live On Earth @ London

“And so, I hereby re-christen thee…B.A.Pril!!!”

That’s right, straight on to the next Project!! No time to waste, especially as B.A.Project will be exclusive to B.A.Pril (pronounced “B – A – pril”, as in B.A.P + April, geddit???) in celebration and anticipation of their Live on Earth concert in London on the 27th April 2014 at O2 Brixton Academy, which I will be attending!!!

As you can see by the excess of punctuation, I am more than a little excited, and this project is here to help me (and you) become even more so. If you don’t know what I’m talking about right now, click here for a little preview of what I am going to have the privilege of setting my eyes upon this April. Just so you know, the name stands for Best Absolute Perfect, and don’t worry, you get used to it.

I’m typing this post in a hurry in order to catch 1st B.A.Pril and spend the whole month doing FANARTS and SKETCHES of our dearest Yongguk, Himchan, Zelo, Jongup, Youngjae and Daehyun, GRAPHICS AND EDITS, QUITE POSSIBLY A COVER if I have the time, GENERAL EXCITED TWEETING with the hashtags #B.A.Pril and #B.A.Project and maybe some LATE BIRTHDAY GIFTS for Yongguk’s birthday, which just passed and is unfortunately not in B.A.Pril.

As of yet unplanned and rather spontaneous, but I hope you’ll join me in celebrating #B.A.Pril and become a B.A.B.Y (a B.A.P fan) at the same time 🙂 In the meantime, here’s some more original B.A.P goodness while you wait.