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The Project whereby I am inspired by Lee Hi’s “Rose” song and MV and rush to make a REARRANGEMENT, SONG COVER, FAN ART, GRAPHICS and YOUTUBE VIDEO all inspired by “Rose” and roses.

Project Rose: Lee Hi – Rose (Cover)

Hooray! Here’s my first official song cover and YouTube video. It’s a re-arrangement and cover of “Rose”, by Lee Hi, the original inspiration for this project. If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do so here.

I’ve been working on this for so long that I couldn’t really be bothered to iron out all the small details and mistakes, what with rearranging the song, producing the accompanying midi, recording the vocals and doing the art. I apologize for the subpar singing, editing, visuals, recording etc and promise the next one will be better. In the meantime, enjoy the fruits of my first (mostly) completed Project. ^^

All that’s left for Project Rose is some rose-inspired K-Pop graphics and edits, of those idols when they had pink hair, to be specific. Just a side idea, but if and when complete it will be a trilogy featuring Luhan (EXO), Zelo (B.A.P) and G-Dragon (BIGBANG).

In any case, I will be launching into my next Project right away, so please anticipate that too. 🙂


Project Rose: Lee Hi Artwork Final


Finished painting of Lee Hi using watercolour and pencil.

To be honest I’m not completely satisfied with the outcome, the filter males it look better but the final colours didn’t balance well or express the rich vibrance of Rose.

I did do it in a bit of a rush because I’m going home tomorrow and didn’t want to leave it, and my watercolour skills are a little rusty. It seems other might have been better to be more expressive with brush strokes and colours.

Hopefully the video will be up soon. Please anticipate ^_^

In the meantime here are some more filtered pics of the final piece. Critique welcome.



A Sketch A Day Project: Day 7 & Project Rose


“What’s that? I missed two days? Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


I was writing two essays in two days, OK? Plus I was holed up in my room so had little inspiration *makes excuses*

This also marks the official start of Project Rose, though I’ve technically already done about half of it.

Basically, Project Rose is inspired by a beautiful song and music video called “Rose” by a fabulously talented and terribly young singer Lee Hi, as seen here. Full of rich visuals and subtle colours and sensitive composition and inspired fashion and a great concept and stirring lyrics and a sultry voice.

As such, Project Rose will consist of a rearrangement of the song, recording of the cover, fan art of Lee Hi, rose-inspired graphics and edits as well as a YouTube video collecting it all, to mark the start of my YouTube Journey.

The above Sketch is the beginning of the fan art. Having already completed the rearrangement and much of the recording, please anticipate each chapter of the Project as it arrives.