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Premature Pancakes with Peanut Butter on a Plate before Pancake Day

Premature Pancakes with Peanut Butter (and honey and vanilla ice cream) on a Plate for Pancake Day

Scotch pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, lemon juice and honey. For the indulgence and pure American/Britishness (not sure which).

Premature because I made these about a month ago and am only uploading the photo to document my journey and ride the “pancake day” tag wave for Pancake Day (already a day late though).

Ironically, I didn’t even make any pancakes for Pancake Day, too busy and all. But this was the first time I made Scotch pancakes (they don’t run in the family, being Chinese) and they were a success, I think, plus this photo makes them look extra professional.

Recipe can be found easily by searching ‘scotch pancakes’, sorry it was too long ago and I’ve lost the link.


Contributing Carrot Cupcakes with Coconut, Chocolate and Cranberries to Class


Tomorrow is my Korean class’ last lesson of the academic year, and since there are only about four of us on as good day I decided for once to be that person who bothers baking cupcakes to bring to the end of year party.


This marks the first foray into cupcakes for my Cooking and specifically Baking Journey, following my attempt at banana bread (see previous posts). I’ve also recently done my well-practised lasagne, a true student indulgence, and am looking into making home-made pizza and pie in future.

The recipe can be found here and there is plenty of space to customize, including adding raisins, mashed banana or orange zest, none of which I did. It also includes a cream cheese frosting which unfortunately I was not equipped for but sounds gorgeous, here I’ve just used normal icing and some random chocolate/cranberry/coconut snack decorations.

Suddenly Inexplicably Insatiable Appetite

Suddenly Inexplicably Insatiable Appetite

“Story of my frickin’ LYFE!!!” No. 3

Sorry to miss last week, lack of inspiration (because I thought I didn’t need to write ideas down), maybe I should rename them by number instead…

This one’s a little sloppy because my tablet and pen were playing up (TECHNOLOGY KILLS) and I was doing it late and couldn’t be bothered to fix the small stuff. I realized I forgot the window in the last one >.<

Basically I am in a state of perpetual hunger and craving for sweet stuff, so in the last two weeks I’ve made Scotch pancakes with honey, lemon, peanut butter and ice cream, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (on a peanut butter wave too) and these really cute bear shaped apple-filled buns based on those by Mosogourmet (she uses custard cream). My Tumblr blog is also literally littered with food porn, I seem to find a lot of good recipe sources there too.

My next dessert plan is banana bread with maybe peanut butter and chocolate chips and raisins…? Should I start posting food photos here or is that too much?

Who knows, maybe baking is going to become my thing.