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“Story of my frickin’ LYFE!!!” No. 4

My tablet started working again 😀 So temperamental…

My social ineptness and paranoia and insecurity, exaggerated, a little.

I made the banana bread…

It didn’t really work.

It was in the oven for two hours and I’m still not sure it was edible when I ate it. Ah well, I offloaded it onto the rest of my flatmates, if we go down we go down together.

I’m going to start making other types of posts based on my interests and thoughts including K-Pop, J-Rock, variety shows, food, art etc. Articles and reviews and waffles and stuff (hey I should make waffles oh wait I don’t have a waffle maker).

Please look forward.

In other news I made up a new word!


Derived from “Lol” but for more whimsical situations and purposes. Like for cute lolcat pictures, “LOLAMAJIGGLE!”
Or for even more exotic situations, “LOLAMAJIGGLYPUFF”

I don’t know, I’ve only used it once.


Suddenly Inexplicably Insatiable Appetite

Suddenly Inexplicably Insatiable Appetite

“Story of my frickin’ LYFE!!!” No. 3

Sorry to miss last week, lack of inspiration (because I thought I didn’t need to write ideas down), maybe I should rename them by number instead…

This one’s a little sloppy because my tablet and pen were playing up (TECHNOLOGY KILLS) and I was doing it late and couldn’t be bothered to fix the small stuff. I realized I forgot the window in the last one >.<

Basically I am in a state of perpetual hunger and craving for sweet stuff, so in the last two weeks I’ve made Scotch pancakes with honey, lemon, peanut butter and ice cream, chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (on a peanut butter wave too) and these really cute bear shaped apple-filled buns based on those by Mosogourmet (she uses custard cream). My Tumblr blog is also literally littered with food porn, I seem to find a lot of good recipe sources there too.

My next dessert plan is banana bread with maybe peanut butter and chocolate chips and raisins…? Should I start posting food photos here or is that too much?

Who knows, maybe baking is going to become my thing.