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Baking Beautiful But Bad for you Butterfly cakes with Buttercream


As I’m moving out of my university accommodation next week I’ve been busy trying to use up all of my ingredients and eating all my food to avoid the horror that is throwing food away. As such the amounts of butter and sugar in these cupcakes is no joke. I have a feeling I may well end up putting back on all the weight I lost whilst living on my own at uni all in one week.

No one recipe really, normal cupcake mix with vanilla extract (a gift) and chocolate chips (also a gift) and then chocolate buttercream on top. Beautiful but deadly. A lot of fun though and this time I’m 99% sure it won’t kill you. And if it does it’s because of the ensuing diabetes / heart attack and not uncookedness.


Challenging Creating a Chicken Katsu Curry

Challenging Creating a Chicken Katsu Curry
Challenging Creating a Chicken Katsu Curry

Here are the fruits of my last two hours’ efforts. Two hours filled with a roomful of oil smoke, burnt chicken and poorly managed time. But delicious fruits nonetheless.

I used this recipe here and made a very decent attempt at this Japanese-style curry, accompanied with rice. Since it was my first time frying things at uni, there were a few sacrificial lambs in terms of chicken breast pieces but most turned out very well indeed (though I’ve yet to test them all for true cookedness). I’m so full now I don’t even have room for a chocolate mousse (that’s how full I am).

Having a Handmade Hamburger for Hiru-gohan

Having a Handmade Hamburger for Hiru-gohan

“Hiru-gohan” means “lunch” in Japanese, by the way. Which, coincidentally, not, is also what this hamburger is. Japanese, I mean. Following a simple recipe for Japanese-style hamburgers, it uses panko, a special type of breadcrumb, which is of Japanese origin and recently became available at my local Tesco, hence this experiment. An experiment which was largely successful, might I add.

I used the recipe here and found it very easy and delicious. Accompanied with boiled vegetables, which were mediocre because I’ve never boiled vegetables before and because in any case the least tasty way to cook a non-root vegetable is to boil it, and rice. A rather large lunch but I’ve made up for it by still feeling too full for dinner.

Premature Pancakes with Peanut Butter on a Plate before Pancake Day

Premature Pancakes with Peanut Butter (and honey and vanilla ice cream) on a Plate for Pancake Day

Scotch pancakes with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, lemon juice and honey. For the indulgence and pure American/Britishness (not sure which).

Premature because I made these about a month ago and am only uploading the photo to document my journey and ride the “pancake day” tag wave for Pancake Day (already a day late though).

Ironically, I didn’t even make any pancakes for Pancake Day, too busy and all. But this was the first time I made Scotch pancakes (they don’t run in the family, being Chinese) and they were a success, I think, plus this photo makes them look extra professional.

Recipe can be found easily by searching ‘scotch pancakes’, sorry it was too long ago and I’ve lost the link.