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A Sketch A Day Project: Day 9


“I wish exercise was this easy to make a habit.”


Had to venture out into the cold for this one, for want of something interesting to draw. Temperamental British spring weather as usual, a mix of heavy rain and gentle sunshine and freezing winds. Highlights included being told by my phone’s weather app that it was currently “cloudy” whilst being drenched by rain and trying to draw a daffodil with numb hands. The things I do for art.

Still life seems to be getting a little repetitive, but bear with me as it’s the Easter holidays and there are few unwitting strangers around I can draw, short of drawing my flatmates, as if they don’t think I’m weird enough. Plus I have to make the most of spring while it lasts.

In other news, I bought an acoustic guitar! A lovely sunburst cheapest-in-the-shop-not-that-I-could-tell-given-my-acoustic-guitar-playing-ability. Maybe I’ll draw that for you tomorrow.


A Sketch A Day Project: Day 7 & Project Rose


“What’s that? I missed two days? Don’t be ridiculous, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


I was writing two essays in two days, OK? Plus I was holed up in my room so had little inspiration *makes excuses*

This also marks the official start of Project Rose, though I’ve technically already done about half of it.

Basically, Project Rose is inspired by a beautiful song and music video called “Rose” by a fabulously talented and terribly young singer Lee Hi, as seen here. Full of rich visuals and subtle colours and sensitive composition and inspired fashion and a great concept and stirring lyrics and a sultry voice.

As such, Project Rose will consist of a rearrangement of the song, recording of the cover, fan art of Lee Hi, rose-inspired graphics and edits as well as a YouTube video collecting it all, to mark the start of my YouTube Journey.

The above Sketch is the beginning of the fan art. Having already completed the rearrangement and much of the recording, please anticipate each chapter of the Project as it arrives.

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 6


“I’m too tired… I was travelling and then I had to do four fifths of an essay… Here, have this bonus Sketch from yesterday… I knew it would come in handy!”

Horse and rider.

From yesterday when we went to see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace. Didn’t get to see much and it seemed to be over very quickly but there was a lovely grey horse (and policewoman) I just had to sketch. Horses are hard, though.

Sorry, too busy today, Camden Market and Heathrow and train and essay among other things. But thanks to my OCDness I feel obliged to post, especially since it’s only been 6 days.

Dear God, what have I done?

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 5


“Day 5! Now it’s been long enough so that I can just start referring to my Project by its acronym!”


A Sketch of a seat on a London train, complete with morning sunlight streaming through the windows and no smoking signs.

Perfect weather today, enough to merit much photography especially when it came to sunset at the Serpentine in Hyde Park. Photo spamming with Twitter filters to follow.


Somewhere near Churchill War Rooms.




Hyde Park.


On the Thames cruise tour (I’d never been either) going under a bridge featuring the beret of the man in front.


More sakura blossom at Hyde Park.


Tower Bridge via boat.



More Hyde Park. I think I really like this park.

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 4


“Big Ben? Why on earth would I want to visit that? I’m British.”

Big Ben at Sunset.

Technically missed a day since it’s 1 o clock right now, but cut me a break guys, I’ve been busy.

In London to take my Romanian friend sightseeing, going to all the sights no self-respecting British citizen would be seen frolicking at.

Bonus pics: arty photos of London.



Hyde Park if you can’t tell.


A Sketch A Day Project: Day 3


“How many days has it been? I’ve lost count.”


Featuring the bag and back of the guy in front of me, sorry.

Couldn’t miss the chance to draw these lovely flowers on a tree outside my window in my seminar classroom, much hiding-my-sketchbook-with-my-arm-when-the-tutor-approached ensued. I don’t know what kind of flowers these are but they always seem to be a fanfare for spring, and every time I see them I am reminded that another year has passed *sighs*. Sorry, sentimental moment there.

Fineliner with coloured pencils, though you can’t quite make out the colours over the Instagram filter. I really need to scan these.

Presenting the Perfect Pastry Pie for Purposes of Procrastination


Two posts in one day? Unthinkable.

Presenting the Chicken and Mushroom Pie complete with Coriander and Little Pastry Leaves on Top created after approximately two hours on a late Thursday night. As a break from my essay writing and journal trawling. A two hour break.

Turned out very well, I used shortcrust pastry which became a lovely golden brown and is delicious. I might try using my other pack of reduced frozen shortcrust pastry for apple pie next time. Ah, the possibilities.

Recipe can be found here.

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 2


“What’s this, you mean you haven’t given up yet?!”

New shoes.

Lovely black boots with floral pattern from TKMaxx. I seem to like floral lately, must be the prospect of spring looming.

Continuous line fineliner with highlighters.

I’ll sort these into a category under Art soon.

A Sketch A Day Project: Day 1

I’ve decided to embark on a quest of ‘Projects’; that is to say, classifying everything I want to do as a Project and hence multiplying its importance, specialness, satisfaction when complete and motivatability. I love starting projects, but I’m not so good at finishing them, so this’ll be a good chance to change my ways and achieve some stuff while I’m at it.

And thus, my first and most easily started Project is the ‘A Sketch A Day’ Project; self-explanatory I’d guess, basically a way of forcing me to do art everyday and improve consistently. It’ll also make me more observant of my surroundings and of people’s nuances, so look forward to caricatures and fun, in-lecture, draw-someone-without-them-seeing-you-and-thinking-you’re-madly-in-love-with-them challenges.

I’ll be using fineliner, Biro, fountain pen, pencil and sketchbook paper mostly, but don’t be surprised if you see some maths or economics notes mercilessly defaced with stress relief doodles.

Hopefully I can make this a habit and have this Project last indefinitely, or at least a year. To end, I have Day 1’s Sketch: a quick continuous line drawing of my workplace (I’m in my room and there’s nothing interesting to draw). I don’t have a scanner convenient on hand, so make do with Instagram for now, okay?