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A Sketch A Day: Day 18


Brightest Star in the Night Sky.

As inspired by the amazing song by Escape Plan of the same name. Apologies for the hiatus… lack of inspiration amongst other things. First use of my watercolor pencils; not enough blue buy could’ve ended up worse.


Project Rose: Lee Hi Artwork Final


Finished painting of Lee Hi using watercolour and pencil.

To be honest I’m not completely satisfied with the outcome, the filter males it look better but the final colours didn’t balance well or express the rich vibrance of Rose.

I did do it in a bit of a rush because I’m going home tomorrow and didn’t want to leave it, and my watercolour skills are a little rusty. It seems other might have been better to be more expressive with brush strokes and colours.

Hopefully the video will be up soon. Please anticipate ^_^

In the meantime here are some more filtered pics of the final piece. Critique welcome.